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It’s a Fiesta!

Aug 9


We had a fiesta to celebrate Trevor's 3rd birthday…it was a lot of fun!  (In tribute to San Antonio and my intense love of Mexican food).  It was great to have my family staying with us, we would have never gotten everything done otherwise!  And, our friends Jay and Michelle really helped us at the party do all the behind the scenes stuff.  Thanks guys!

We had all the decorations and everything set up in our nice big backyard and 30 minutes before the party started, it started pouring!  All was well though, and we just moved everything inside (after moving it back outside and then inside again about 12 times!)  

Michael and I are blessed more than words can describe with our two children, and Trevor has brought such joy to our lives.  God has used him to grow us, humble us, and mold us after His own heart.  We love Trevor and cherish him as part of our family.  Happy 3rd Birthday my love! 

Here are some pictures of the Fiesta!  


The Tank

June 25

Before Tyler and Elli left, they bought Trevor a fish tank. Trevor is thrilled about the new addition to the playroom.

Our six new pets are:

Sucker (an algae eater)

Payton (a black weird looking fish)

Jerry (an orange, black, and white really weird looking fish)

Bin Bin (a goldfish)

Tyler ( a goldfish)

Elli (a goldfish)

Trevor named all these fish (I have no clue where he got "Jerry"!) Some days he'll tell you they are all named Payton, however. (It is okay Trevor, I miss Payton too!)

Since these pictures have been taken, we have lost Sucker. We found him in the bottom of the tank when we got home from vacation. I'm thinking the filter didn't allow enough algae for our "algae eater". Poor guy. I think the whole experience was much more traumatic for me than Trevor. (Even though it is a fish, I feel very responsible for it's wellbeing!)

“Bye San Antonio, its nice to meet you!”

Last minute packing! I really did leave everything to the last day…which I don't know how or why I did that, but I did. If it weren't for my mom and Linda, Christina and Tyler, I would never have finished! Tyler (Christina's boyfriend), was especially helpful to the emotional side of me. Tension was high as we discovered not all our things would fit in the truck…he made me laugh (mostly about our Trutech DVD players…) as I yelled through tears about he whole situation. Now, being in a much calmer state, I realize everything will be fine…my mom and Linda are going to take a road trip this summer to drive the rest of our things up! They really are the best.

At 5 a.m. on Friday the 16th, we pulled onto the interstate to start our venture to Illinois! Michael drove the moving truck, Christina followed in her Bug, and Trevor, Elliott, and I (fun for me, right?!) brought up the tail. Christina is going to be a summer camp counselor in Wisconsin this summer, so she drove up with us.

As we pulled out, I said, "bye San Antonio!". I heard a little voice behind me say, "bye San Antonio, its nice to meet you!" I laughed for about an hour. Little Trevor brought laughter at the best time ever, as I was trying not to burst into tears!

Birthday Madness

We have a 2 year old! We had a lot of fun celebrating Trevor’s birthday this year. We celebrated on his actual birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with the Elkins. (We all decided it isn’t as cool as it was when were little and it was known as Showbiz Pizza…) Trevor’s Chicago party was a blast and we had a great time with all our friends and family.

Visit the Photos page to see pictures from all the festivities, and then on the Home Videos page check out the 2nd Year Montage, the Chuck E. Cheese video, and the party video.

We love you!