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2011 in review (and behind the scenes)

Behind the scenes:

I asked Michael to help the boys write their current likes and dislikes for our Christmas card this year.  We laughed and laughed at their final picks.  I love each of their unique personalities! :)

Note Trevor’s “don’t like” number 9…haha, oh Trevor.

Trevor’s List:

Elliott’s List:


Final product:

Merry Christmas! :)


I have worn a lot of black nail polish this year. This dawned on me while staring at my severely neglected toes.  I have a six-year-old navigating life as a full time student, a four-year-old constantly flexing his strong will, and one-year-old that eats Glade scented plug-ins.  Who has time for primping toenails?


Living with our bundle of boys may limit my free time, but there remains an abundance of joy.  One of my favorite events of the day is when Michael and I sit on the ground and just laugh with our boys.  Even if just for a moment, we climb down off the hamster wheel of the daily grind and enjoy each other’s presence.  We have experienced birth and death this year, and more than ever we realize that life is fleeting. We are finding that whatever life brings, God draws us closer to Him and closer to each other.  Life can be black, but God steadily chips away at the darkness in us, and we discover our joy is in Him, not in life’s circumstances.


“In this world you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.” John 16:33


This Christmas I am thankful for a God who came 2,000 years ago to meet us right where we were, and continues to meet us right where we are today.  It is in Him alone that our Hope and our Joy are found!


Merry Christmas and Happy 2012!


And in case you were wondering…




Fountain diet coke

Black nail polish


Banana cake


Doesn’t like

Diet coke in a can

Wearing a coat in the car

Fruity drinks or candy

Talking on the phone




Egg nog (whiskey optional)

Donut dates with the boys

Old Simpsons episodes


Doesn’t like

Gum chomping

Ice in drinks

Red turn arrows


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I found a few of these “kid questions” posted on pinterest, so I tried them out with my boys.  What should have taken a few minutes, took weeks.  They acted like each question was the hardest thing they had ever been asked, and we were only able to do one or two at a time before giving up. :)

Disclaimer:  I go to the gym _maybe_3 nights a week, and usually at their bedtime.  I don’t _like_ to workout at all…

What is something Mommy always says to you?

Trevor: I love you

Elliott: you have to eat your food

 What makes Mommy happy?
Trevor: when you got the baby
Elliott: when we give you a present
3. What makes Mommy sad?
Trevor:  when you’re not with us

Elliott: when you are sick

4. How does Mommy make you laugh?
Trevor: You don’t make me laugh.
Elliott: when you take a picture

5. What was Mommy like as a child?
Trevor: I don’t know I never saw you.
Elliott: real
6. How old is Mommy?
Trevor: 27

Elliott: 4

7. How tall is Mommy?
Trevor: 27 inches
Elliott: (stretches his arms wide)

8. What is Mommy’s favorite thing to do?
Trevor: go to workout
Elliott: play with simon

9. What does Mommy do when you’re not around?
Trevor: Bring Brooke, Ashely, and Elliott to school and when its rest time put them to rest.

Elliott: go on your computer
10. If Mommy becomes famous, what will it be for?
Trevor: Singing.

Elliott: (stares blankly)

11. What is Mommy really good at?
Trevor: doing stuff at work out
Elliott: being funny

12. What is Mommy not very good at?
Trevor: cooking.
Elliott: playing games on the computer

13. What does Mommy do for her job?
Trevor: go to workout
Elliott: go on the computer

14. What is Mommy’s favorite food?
Trevor: soup
Elliott: salad

15. What makes you proud of Mommy?
Trevor: when you decorate
Elliott: cleaning up

16. If Mommy were a cartoon character, who would she be?
Trevor: that girl that clicks the squares and when she touches them they turn into letters and people spin the wheel (vanna white)

Elliott: Phineas

17. What do you and Mommy do together?
Trevor: go to restaurants
Elliott: watch shows together

18. How are you and Mommy the same?
Trevor: we both help simon

Elliott: our hair

19. How are you and Mommy different?
Trevor: you have freckles on your cheeks and I do not

Elliott: our shirts

20. How do you know Mommy loves you?
Trevor: because you always hug us and kiss us when you get home from workout
Elliott: to the moon and back, infinity! (our saying )

21. Where is Mommy’s favorite place to go?
Trevor: the workout place
Elliott: pizza hut

What makes you happy?

ELLIOTT: not cleaning up the basement.

TREVOR: when we’re going to see Dakota, Nana Nu, Miranda, Grandma Julie, and Grandpa Bob
2. What makes you sad?
ELLIOTT: yes (when he has to) cleaning up the basement.
TREVOR: when you leave us. Like that day you were at texas for month. (it was a week…)

3. What makes you laugh?
ELLIOTT: jokes.
TREVOR: some funny things

4. What is your favorite thing to do?
ELLIOTT: eat fruit loops.
TREVOR: go to buy some toys at Toys R Us

5. What are you really good at?
ELLIOTT: cleaning up the basement (????? He isn’t!)


6. What are you not very good at?
ELLIOTT: cleaning

TREVOR: jump rope
7. What is your favorite food and drink?
ELLIOTT: sprite and fruit loops
TREVOR:  a kiddy cocktail and I like every food

8. What’s your favorite color?
ELLIOTT: purple
TREVOR: blue, yellow, and pink.  Oh and silver.

9. Where is your favorite place to go?
TREVOR: to Texas

10. Who are your best friends?
ELLIOTT: Brendan and Brayden.
TREVOR: Dakota and Brayden and Brendan. Oh and Griffin and Landon.
11. What are your favorite movies or TV shows?
ELLIOTT: Garfield and Johnny Test
TREVOR: Garfield and World of Quest.

12. What are your favorite books?
ELLIOTT: That Phineas and Ferb one at that store.
TREVOR: Ready Freddy

13. If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?


Another year

Thanks to our friend Pamm Taylor, we had Trevor’s hands and feet casted when he was three months old.  We found them in one of our “memory” bins and all loved comparing the hand sizes.  I couldn’t help but shed a little tear!

Then I stumbled across this little gem in Trevor’s school journal from Kindergarten.  What a privilege it is to be these three boys’ mother, and I am thankful for the treasured relationship with each.  (I’m praying we are always close friends…I promise often that I will be a rockin’ mother-in-law to their wives!! :) )

Another August, another year of school.  This year we sent TWO off to school!

Our star first grader!

Our super preschooler!

Someone once said to me, “The hours seem so long, but the years go so fast”, and I couldn’t agree more.  Mothering my three boys has been the most challenging, rewarding, draining, amazing, frustrating, heart filling job God has given me.  It daily brings me back to my knees realizing I can only do it through God’s enabling (and my husband’s support).  The minutes of the day at this season of life may be exhausting most days, but I strive to do it with joy and humility because before I know it, they will be gone.


Changing me

Tonight a series of thunderstorms came through, and normally I’d be on my Weather App for a minute by minute play of all up to date weather alerts.  But since we’ve had rain 3,000 times this summer already, I didn’t think much of it.  Only while I was rocking Simon in his room did I start to hear loud trumpet sirens did I then start to think twice.  Either Jesus was returning or there was a torando.

“Michael, are those tornado sirens?”

Just as those words popped out next thing I know I see Trevor flying down the hall, running down the stairs screaming and crying, “Get in the basement!  GET in the basement! Get in the BASEMENT!!”

Like any good mother would during her child’s unrest, I burst into laughter at this scene.  Every. single. time. there is a storm Trevor asks if there is going to be a torando and if I’ll know there’s a tornado and if I’ll hear the sirens and even if I’m sleeping will I hear the sirens  and on and on and on…

He is just like me.  I have had similar fears (albeit somewhat irrational fears) for much of my life.  I become very anxious about things and from a very young age I had to memorize Philippians 4:6-7 to calm myself.  So, I have always joked that Trevor is just like me when it comes to these fears- he takes them very seriously.

Then I started thinking about this tonight after everyone is asleep and its just me.  How the heck am I supposed to help my child not be afraid when I’m afraid of the same thing?  How am I supposed to be calm and collected in an emergency when really I’m trembling beneath the surface?  Or how am I supposed to help my child be confident and bold in new situations when I’m extremely shy and antisocial?

Then I started thinking more and thought, hmmm, God do you grow me out of my fears by using “me”?  Do you allow my fears to be repeated in Trevor, so that I have no choice but to step out and trust You?  Any mother in her right mind would give her life for her children figuratively and literally, so in doing so is that how I fully face my anxieties?  Because I have to so my children are made better?  Since I HAVE to be the brave one, FOR them, then in turn I will conquer each fear?

God thank you for loving me, and revealing Yourself to me, even in the small conversations of tornadoes.


BSF review, Take two

(Take one: http://www.zielkehut.com/blog/2010/10/06/my-bsf-review/)

Trevor, Elliott, Simon, and I just completed our first BSF year: Isaiah.  Ah.May.Zing.  I highly recommend you try out a class in your area!  www.bsfinternational.org

God has taught me so much about Himself this past year.  Something that really stuck with me while studying Isaiah is that God will do everything necessary to dig out the “thorny” parts of me.  I remember often reading God’s words to Israel thinking “Man, these people just can’t get it right!”  But then realized God was showing me evidence of similar sin in my own life- arrogance and pride.  Each week He would bring me to my knees realizing He still has so much work to do in me!  He has really helped me to grasp that I need Him moment by moment, there is not one thing I can do on my own.

Another theme I feel like God has been working on in me is from Isaiah 14, “Surely, as I have planned, so it will be, and as I have purposed, so it will happen.”  I have always have had my “plans” for my life and really always just thought God would get in line with those plans. (Ughhh, Israelite right here!!)  But He has shown me that His ways are not my ways,  His plan is better, and He is making all things RIGHT!  There has been lots of discomfort in this process, but I trust He is sovereign and would not want to be any place but in the center of His will for my life.  “O Lord, you are my God!  I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago.”  Isaiah 25:1

Lastly, I am so very thankful for the children’s program.  To think that my 5 year old, 3 year old, and my 6 week old (when he first started going to his class) are being taught truths about God and learning to praise Him, my heart swells.  I pray fervently for their salvation, to the point that I become very distressed over it.  God overwhelmed me in the notes one of the last weeks when it said, “The Word of God has enormous power to bring about what it announces, as it is communicated by the Holy Spirit.  Have you spoken His Word to your child and been met with indifference?  Will you believe God, that His Word will have effect?”  In that moment I was totally in awe of the LORD.  He knows my heart- my desires, my fears, my everything and meets me right where I am.  All of us women studying Isaiah all have different trials- but God still meets us each where we are.  God began to show me that just as He meets me right where I am- He is meeting each of my children right where they are as well.  When I think of that- my heart is at peace.  The burden that I was some mediator between God and them was lifted, and He showed me that He is their personal God too, and will bring about the truths He has planted.  I just need to encourage them and pray for them as they seek Him.

So to conclude:  I heart BSF :)


As the boys continue to talk more and more and have conversations with each other, Michael and I find ourselves laughing hysterically several times a day.  I love hearing children talk- listening to them try to put together correct phrasing and explain what they are thinking.  They’re so innocent and not yet hardened by life.  I have so much to learn from them…

Here are some of my favorites as of late:


(Taking a rock out of his coat pocket and pausing to look at it and squeeze it)

“What’s that?”

“It’s a rock I picked up from the ground where Dr. Chuck was buried.”

He keeps it with him in his pocket.



(Praying at lunch)  “God.  Thank you for drinks, and people, and Simon.  Amen.”

(Riding in the car looking out the window) “Grandma Julie and Grandpa Bob are coming next time.  All the Texas guys are coming next time.”

(Staring at me in the rearview mirror)  “Mommy, you’re beautiful when you take me to the park.”

So sweet.

And then this happens…

Trevor:  “Mommy, do you have another baby?  You’re fat.”

Elliott:  “Yeah, you’re fat!”  (While they both poke my belly…)

And then the moments you can’t help but laugh because they make no sense at all…

Elliott:  “Daddy, when you drive it feels like there is a bug on me.”

Hahaha, love these boys.  They make my heart full. :)


It moves

Woah.  Blog drought again!  I go through my day and “write” blogs in my head all the time…but then getting around to posting them is a whole other story!  I love having my blog.  I’ve started to print out my posts to make a scrapbook for the boys, so they can read about what their mom was like in their early years. :)  And lets be honest, I’m not going to get around to making scrapbooks by hand anytime soon- I only have up to Trevor’s 4 month pictures done thus far…hahaha!  My blog is a way for me to share what is on my heart, which is such a great outlet for me since most of my daily conversation is with kids age 5 and under.  And it is such a blessing to hear from people that they like to read my pondering thoughts and are encouraged in some way…or that one of our escapades gave them a good laugh! :)  So Blog, I’m glad to be back on you! :)

Simon has stolen my heart.  It’s so funny because each time I’m pregnant I think I can’t possible love the next child as much as I love the previous ones.  How amazing how your heart immediately triples in size and you can’t imagine life without this new little bundle!!  Little Simon is my chubby, cuddly lovebug. Every time we reach a new milestone it makes me even more teary than before!  Putting away the 0-3 month clothes sent me into hyseterics, and don’t even get me started on thinking about moving him to his room!  With Trevor and Elliott I anticipated each new stage (to my dismay now, I even rushed it sometimes), and they were sleeping in their own rooms by 6 weeks!  So what is it?  Could it be that I feel that Simon is the last piece of our family unit, so I cling to the baby part?  Am I afraid of the unknown- the next stage of life as a family, goodbye newborn childbearing years?  I don’t know.  But I’ve found myself dwelling so much on the sadness of saying goodbye to one thing to move on to the next that I’m missing all the JOY in this moment!

I’m still studying Isaiah at BSF (and I still LOVE IT!) and got stuck on this verse one day.  I had just finished a little sob session with God (they’re quite frequent these days) and no joke, this was the passage I started to read to open my study for the day.

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past . See I am doing a new thing!”  Isaiah 43: 18-19a

A few years ago, I was too focused on rushing the future.  Now I’m clinging with clenched fingers to the past.  God, help me to get it right! :)  What have I missed in the here and now- the new things God is doing??

So Lord, help me to be thankful for the past, excited for the future, but joyful in where you have me right now.  I’ll give Simon an extra cuddle and smooch to soak up that baby scent, but each time he reaches a new milestone I’ll look at it with new eyes.  You are growing him and forming him to bring You glory.  I am going to laugh with Elliott when he asks me the never ending circle of “why?” questions, and I won’t burst into tears thinking, “oh, I miss the sound of his little baby voice.  Why can’t I remember his little baby voice???”  And Trevor.  Oh my where did the years go with Trevor??  And why does he write books about his new love Meara instead of his beloved mommy??? God, help me to embrace the independence you have given him in this season of life and help him to have confidence in who You have created him to be.  Help me to cherish my boys and pour my love all over their little hearts…but help me to hold them with open hands.  For they are yours- may their lives bring you glory!

So what God has shown me is that life is designed to move!  We aren’t meant to stay in the same place forever (how boring and mundane would that be?!)  So I need to embrace the movement and the “new thing”! :)

Crazy hair

We love having the boys’ hair long (and I love the Justin Beiber references even though Michael does NOT), but man do they get bed head!  We have to wash their hair in the mornings for this reason.  But it is a small price to pay. :)

Here is what happens when you put your winter hat on and your hair isn’t completely dry yet:

Countdown to wedding

We did lots of fun things while in Texas- but really, when do we not have fun when with my family?  Nothing less than stories galore, laughter every minute, and sisterly bonding.  I love imagining what my boys will be like when they get together as adults.  If they are anything like my sisters and me, they will have very full hearts!

While we were there Trevor reached a milestone- he lost teeth!  Not one, but two teeth!  Normally I am grossed out by wiggly teeth, but his were pretty much bloodless.  They just kind of fell right out.  No pain involved!  That’s my kind of way to lose teeth. :)  The tooth fairy was a little confused, maybe he has a rookie tooth fairy assigned to him?  Or it could be the fact that we were on vacation and Trevor “bed-hopped” which resulted in multiple tooth fairy deposits.  :)

As usual, we spent lots of meals at Taco Cabana.  (Remember the homework ABC book?  “T”: Taco Cabana…oh, and “M”: Missing tooth)

Trevor was super excited that the hotel gave him his very own key card.  (He called it his credit card…)  “H”: Hotel key

Whenever we visit TX, Michael has a “food list” of places we HAVE to visit for at least one meal.  One place is Rudy’s BBQ. (ABC alert, “R”: “Rudy’s)  Yumm-O! :)

I just had to post this one...I knew my sister Elli would love it :)

Obviously, Simon was a HUGE hit this trip!  He was one popular little fellow.  Can you blame him though?  He’s just so darn cute!

Simon's Great Aunt Kathy
Simon's Great Uncle Tom
Simon and Laura
Simon and Sarah
Landon holding Simon and saying "Oh! I almost pulled his head off!" :)

I just happened to be a part of the most GORGEOUS wedding party ever- oh yes, then there is me- the pale faced, mom of 3, 2 weeks postpartum chubby one. But let me tell you, for being moms, Sarah and I still hung with those girls at the Bachelorette party! So what if we had to come home 3 hours before the rest of them to feed a newborn, we still participated in the festivities. And that impressed me. :) This is the morning after the Bachelorette party. See what I mean? It’s the makeup free morning after and each one of these girls are drop dead gorgeous. I’m honored I got to tag along. :)

pedicure bride :)
only Simon would be the two week old getting held at the nail salon...actually it would be hard to get him away from Bailey if I tried!

More to come… :)