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The Great Scott Hodge says: “Change of Pace + Change of Place= Change of Perspective.”

I have to agree.

Recently I was gifted a [rare] day of relaxation-at the spa-with no children. :)  I was so excited for the time of pampering, but if I’m going to be honest, most of all a day free from whining, tattle telling, and baby butt wiping.  I arrived at the spa the minute it opened and stayed to closing.  I brought my journal and Bible and was eager to soak up some time alone and time with God.  I climbed into the pool and stared up at the sky and something unfamiliar happened- it was still and quiet. It felt odd!

This is what I journaled:   “I’m sitting here in the pool- there is no splashing, no whining- no one needing my help… This is how it will be 20 years from now…to forever.   Don’t wish these hard stages away.  They are temporary.”  I sat and pondered that for a while.  So often (very often) I rush through the day just to check things off my list.  How often do I talk with my children, not just talk at them?  How often do I think “if only they were a few years older, then ____ would be so much easier”….(hello grocery shopping and fine dining!)

It was convicting.  I was so thankful for my time away to be rejuvenated, but God helped me appreciate the chaotic little voices in my normal day to day life much more.  This stage of life is hard, and I don’t want to pretend that it is not, but I AM going to be more intentional about being present in the chaos- not five steps ahead in the future.

I kept looking at the sky at the clouds and watched them move (I HAD TIME TO WATCH THE CLOUDS MOVE- perhaps I was overly zealous with my newly found “me” time) :) and I pondered them.  And I noticed, clouds don’t just collide, they absorb each other.  So I thought about that more…How do I let God absorb me or where do I collide with Him?  How do I let Michael absorb me? My kids?  My ministry?  I wrote: “Yes, I need to replenish myself with time alone with God, food and sleep.  But other than that, I need to be willing to sacrifice myself wherever there is a selfish desire- I need to give myself away. ”

I still am going to seek time away from Michael and my children, still going to watch Netflix at night and still share with my girlfriends how the mundane wife/mother duties make me want to punch someone at times.  But, this cherished time by myself gave me new perspective.  This stage is hard, but every stage is hard and every season is a new opportunity for growth and to know my God in a deeper way. I’m going to try and pay attention to the small moments each day, and be less focused on the bullet points that get me to the next milestone.

Change of Pace + Change of Place= Change of Perspective.

Countdown to wedding

We did lots of fun things while in Texas- but really, when do we not have fun when with my family?  Nothing less than stories galore, laughter every minute, and sisterly bonding.  I love imagining what my boys will be like when they get together as adults.  If they are anything like my sisters and me, they will have very full hearts!

While we were there Trevor reached a milestone- he lost teeth!  Not one, but two teeth!  Normally I am grossed out by wiggly teeth, but his were pretty much bloodless.  They just kind of fell right out.  No pain involved!  That’s my kind of way to lose teeth. :)  The tooth fairy was a little confused, maybe he has a rookie tooth fairy assigned to him?  Or it could be the fact that we were on vacation and Trevor “bed-hopped” which resulted in multiple tooth fairy deposits.  :)

As usual, we spent lots of meals at Taco Cabana.  (Remember the homework ABC book?  “T”: Taco Cabana…oh, and “M”: Missing tooth)

Trevor was super excited that the hotel gave him his very own key card.  (He called it his credit card…)  “H”: Hotel key

Whenever we visit TX, Michael has a “food list” of places we HAVE to visit for at least one meal.  One place is Rudy’s BBQ. (ABC alert, “R”: “Rudy’s)  Yumm-O! :)

I just had to post this one...I knew my sister Elli would love it :)

Obviously, Simon was a HUGE hit this trip!  He was one popular little fellow.  Can you blame him though?  He’s just so darn cute!

Simon's Great Aunt Kathy
Simon's Great Uncle Tom
Simon and Laura
Simon and Sarah
Landon holding Simon and saying "Oh! I almost pulled his head off!" :)

I just happened to be a part of the most GORGEOUS wedding party ever- oh yes, then there is me- the pale faced, mom of 3, 2 weeks postpartum chubby one. But let me tell you, for being moms, Sarah and I still hung with those girls at the Bachelorette party! So what if we had to come home 3 hours before the rest of them to feed a newborn, we still participated in the festivities. And that impressed me. :) This is the morning after the Bachelorette party. See what I mean? It’s the makeup free morning after and each one of these girls are drop dead gorgeous. I’m honored I got to tag along. :)

pedicure bride :)
only Simon would be the two week old getting held at the nail salon...actually it would be hard to get him away from Bailey if I tried!

More to come… :)

The Elkins

Josh and Jessica are some of our best friends. We were with them probably every day when we lived in Texas.

They also happen to be the couple we chose to be Elliott’s Godparents (spiritual prayer warriors/mentors for his life).

with Jessica May 2008
with Josh May 2008

We spent the afternoon with them and remembered why we love them SO much!  They are the greatest- and their family has grown by 2, we love you Shelby and Hayden! :)

This picture is terrible, but I had to post it! It's symbolic really, since Chick-fil-A is so central to our relationship.

Sea World

Just to continue on with my craziness in the past, I flew to Texas with my 3 week old.  I’ve got to keep doing it big! :)

It wasn’t just any old trip though, my sister Christina was getting married!  It was a great week packed with lots of fun things and lots of great reunions with friends and family.  When we got home we needed a vacation from our vacation!

When we lived in Texas we visited Sea World often.  But Trevor was 2 when we moved and Elliott 7 months, so we knew now they were at  perfect ages to really appreciate all the greatness of Sea World.  It was a great time with the Musfeldts and Emily Unruh!

Because Kindergarten is so much more intense than I remember it, Trevor had homework while he was gone.  He had to make an ABC book with a picture from our vacation for every letter of the alphabet.  It is harder than you would think!  You’ll see…

Christina wearing Simon in the “Baby Bonjure” as she calls it. Haha!
Trevor’s “E” picture: Elli, Emily, and Elliott
Trevor’s “Y” picture: Yell on a roller coaster!
Trevor’s “D” picture: Dolphin
Trevor’s “W” picture: Mommy and Baby whale (I was especially teary during this segment of the Shamu show- the mommy and baby, how cute is that? I did just have a baby, so I’m sure my hormonal imbalance had nothing to do with the tears……)

Chicago, you have a great Children’s Museum

My mom and my Aunt Debbie decided to venture into Chicago with us to play at The Children’s Museum.  It was a great distraction from packing and I really enjoyed the time with Mom and Debbo.

Trevor surprised us all by climbing three floors of ropes and across a rope bridge designed for ages 5 and up!  He sure is strong and very determined!  I’m proud of you, buddy!






Polar Express and Stripping at McDonalds

For our friend Tyler’s birthday we went on the Polar Express train.  It was a little village set up for Christmas with Santa, Christmas decor- the works.  Then you would ride on the train through the freezing wind and cold at 100 miles an hour.  (The things we do for our children!?!?)  Trevor and Tyler had a great time though, so it was very worth it.  It was a fun night with the Gardas!

Now for the stripping at McDonalds story…

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this until now!  I kept telling everyone I was going to, but I guess I never got around to it.  Anyways, fellow moms, do you ever wish your husband could get a small taste of what your day with young children involves?  Well I just love this story because that is exactly what happened!  Michael now knows how crazy it gets at times in the world of Jenni-Trevor-Elliott.

It was the day after Thanksgiving and I woke up early to shopping with my aunt and my grandma.  Michael stayed with the boys and when they all woke up he decided to take them to McDonalds.  I called sometime during this time, but Michael abruptly ended the call with, “Oh my gosh, I have to go!” I was slightly concerned, but figured he would call if he was on the way to the hospital or something.

I get a call back a little while later with a story that brought me to tears I was laughing so hard!  I just love that he got to experience this! :)

Apparently, while they were sitting and eating Elliott threw up all of his eggs.  Michael said it wasn’t just spit up either, it was full on vomit!  So, as Michael is taking him to the bathroom to clean him up, their drinks spill all over the floor.  He aborts the bathroom plan and decides to just get them home (leaving the puke aftermath behind I guess?!)

On the way to the car, he tells Trevor to hold on to his pants and not let go since he doesn’t have any free hands from holding Elliott and the puke.  WELL, Trevor trips and falls in the parking lot and pulls Michael’s pants down!  All these cars are driving by in the drive through and there is Michael in his underwear, Elliott covered in vomit, and Trevor face down in the street crying.

While I am glad they are all okay, I just laugh whenever I relive this story in my head!!

Choo Choo!

Our friend Linda Lu came into town to visit with her daughter Miranda and granddaughter Dakota, so we were very excited to meet up with them for dinner one evening!  Miranda found this restaurant full of trains that she thought the kids would enjoy.  There was even a train that delivered your food…kind of hokey, but Dakota, Trevor, and Elliott thought it was fabulous!

Visiting the past

…5th grade!

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from my Grandma saying that a Mrs. Blakenship had called her house saying she heard I moved out of town and was wondering how to get caught up with me.  So, I called Mrs. Blakenship and told her I was back in town!  She invited the boys and I over for for a visit one morning, and we had a great time reminiscing.  I never thought I would reconnect with any of my teachers (I was very shy then, too, but I was also very much so a goody-two-shoes so I think that helped my case!), but I'm glad that I did!

Weird side note- Mrs. B had these two dogs (you know the battery operated ones that move around and bark?) that T and E loved.  One Trevor made sure is in the picture with us- the other came home with us! :)  This is kind of a chaotic picture, but with a 10 second timer and two children 3 and under…you never know how it will come out!