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Found this one day attached to one of my cabinets.  I love having child that can read- it adds even more fun to the day!  “Mom, that says Emergency Exit…DON’T GO THAT WAY MOM!”  “New. Markdowns. Everyday.  Mom, that says New Markdowns Everyday.”  I will never miss a sign again now that I have another set of eyes watching out for me. :)  Oh, and I’ll know of a Restaurant in my living room that serves Salad, Potatoes, Pizza, and Side One is Beans and Potato Salad.

I love listening to them talk.  Here are some of my favorites lately that keep my day always exciting:

“When there’s no one to itch my back, I just itch it on a tree or something.”

“I have two friends inside my head that I talk to all the time.  I don’t know their names though.” (Then the next child in response to that) “…yeah, I talk to the tooth fairy.”

“Mom, she’s soooo pretty.  I just want to kiss her face.”

Uh Oh.