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a new creative blog!


I knew I wanted to start posting about my newest passion- thrifting, creating, and all things crafty, but wanted to separate it from our family blog.  I was going to do Mom of the Hut (to keep with the Zielkehut trend), but when Michael said it sounded a lot like Jabba the Hut, I deleted that name from the running FAST. :)  I don’t need anymore things that relate me to fat blobs.

So, enter Beautify the Hut.  My most important job(s) as a wife and mother are to be a tool God uses to beautify the soul of our family.  As a creative outlet for me, I like to physically beautify our home as well.  Double whammy for a blog name!! :)


Room #2

Alright, I’m ready to unveil another room!

I have officially become obsessed.  Any mention with DIY, garage sales, Goodwill, flea market, design blogs, or Pinterest, and my heart is sent aflutter.  In all seriousness, it really is great to have found such a fun hobby to keep up with.  I am first a wife and mother, but this gives me an outlet just for ME!

Dining Room when we bought the house:

Dining room phase one: (such a long story, but its a TERRIBLE picture because I had to take a picture of the picture on my old phone…haha!)


Our dining room has undergone several changes.  And not just the original ones!  I must have rearranged and redecorated and changed the style 100 times now.  I just couldn’t get that room right.  I think it all stemmed from the color.  I loved the “Coffee Bean” paint swatch, but once it got on our wall- not so much.  I originally had reds and browns in the room and I think that added to my distaste.  Everything I tried just wasn’t working!

Then Emily gifted me a bluish/green table she couldn’t use in her house anymore, and I decided to go a whole different direction!

Dining Room NOW!


The blue and white has lightened the whole room so much!

Now for all the fun behind the scene details…

First, Michael and his dad replaced the carpeting with hardwood floors.

Then, Ryan primed and primed and primed because the previous owner did a crackle effect (or something) that would NOT cover!

I love this room because nearly everything was re-vamped, a hand me down, or thrifted. It is like a treasure hunt for me…SO fun! :)

The dark brown china cabinet in the first set of pictures was given to us from Michael’s Aunt and Uncle.  I painted it blue and the inside white and changed out the knobs.

The white candle holders used to be black but not after I got a hold of some spray paint! I also painted my Aunt’s green baker’s rack in the corner white!

Will I have rearranged everything again by the time this blog circulates?  Oh, absolutely.  But I have to keep life fun for Michael. :)


So easy

I did this little edible Valentine craft with Trevor and the kids I take care of and they loved it!

Use powdered sugar, milk, and food coloring for frosting- spread on graham crackers- and top with candy hearts-done!


Dharma…The Others?

Three years ago Michael and I fell in love with the show LOST which has captivated millions of other suspense fanatics as well.  Good thing we appreciate the suspense factor since it is now Season Five, and we still have multitudes of unanswered questions.  *Supposedly* this is the season the puzzle pieces start to fit together…here’s hoping!

For the premiere this year we had our friends Jay and Michelle over to celebrate.  Our super creative friend Jay designed and created the food and beverage containers they brought to our gathering.  If you are a fellow LOST fanatic, you will totally get it. :)

Need a logo designed or help tackling another graphic project? Check out Jay’s website! www.dekanidesign.com