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I always come back from our annual trip to the Zielke cabins in Wisconsin feeling more in love with my family (immediate and extended) and in awe of the beauty of God’s creation.  And as much as I hate to admit it, more rested from being unplugged from technology (though we did use Dad Z’s phone as a hotspot for WiFi this year!)

And I always come back feeling more appreciative of indoor plumbing.

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Play {Coffee} Dates

I’ve been blessed to marry into a fantastic family.  One of them is my sweet sister-in-law Emily.  We married brothers and we have bonded over the fact we are the two female add-ins to the family. :)  I’ve always loved Emily, but our relationship has taken a new turn after Emily had her daughter Mae this past Spring.  When Emily said, “This (mommyhood) feels like a whole other culture!” I smiled for days. We made a pact to try and get together regularly  since Mae was born and do our own twist on playdates.  There is ALWAYS coffee involved, but some kind of physical activity gets added into the mix for my set of active boys whether it be playgrounds, walking trails, pools, or shopping(!)

The beginning circa March 2010…

to the present and still going! :)


And so we took our annual trip up to the Zielke cabins in northern Wisconsin.

Both boys tubed, and really loved the water.  They have been asking for days to go back to Corny.  The night we left Trevor said, “I want to live in Corny forever with Grandpa!” and prayed that night that we wouldn’t have to leave and God would make us forget in the morning that we were supposed to leave.  :)

Michael really did everything on this vacation.  He swam with the boys, got up with the boys, put the boys to bed, bathed the boys, everything.  He really is the greatest dad I could have for my children!

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Perfectly Spaced

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All the Zielkes


This past weekend all of the Zielke siblings (Lisa, Brian, Michael, and Laura) and families were in the same city at the same time, so we all decided to do professional family pictures as a gift for Mom and Dad Zielke.  Though there were some setbacks on the Zielkehut side (Elliott fell in a puddle of mud right before pictures started and Trevor had a meltdown during the “grandchildren” picture), I think we got some good pictures.  It happened to be the heat wave of February (high 50s, low 60s) so we didn’t have to get too bundled up, but took  pictures outside in the snow.  I’m excited to see the proofs as soon as they’re ready!

We all had brunch afterwards; it is always to be together as a whole family!

Brunch pictures:


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