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So blessed

My sister in law Emily hosted a sweet little party for Peanut Wilkie Zielke and me with my close friends.  It was such a great time! There was lots of laughter and love there- I’m so thankful for all these women!  We’ve been through so much together- in some cases our entire lives (Stacy!) and I loved celebrating the next milestone with them.  (We missed you though Sarah, Michelle, Katie, Jessica, and Lisa!)

Emily had everyone write what they like about me as a mom, and then passed them out randomly and I had to guess who wrote what- it was so much fun and I was so blessed!  I will cherish those little blue cards for years to come!! :)

Emily had everything so cute- even peanuts as vase fillers in honor of Peanut Wilkie Zielke, she’s so creative! And I’m posting a lot of pictures because my friends LOVED her house and decorations- they want to copy it, haha!  So here you go! :)

Thank you Emily, I’m so blessed to have you as a sister!!

hahaha Stace :) She's posing so we can get the background decorations...

with Stacy, Lisa, and Laura

this interior design was a hit :)
sweet little Mae!

peanuts :)
so creative! christmas ornaments to display placecards...
Abbi, sweet Sawyer, MaryBeth, and Erin
Emily and Annette
Stacy and Lisa again :)