all is beautiful

Yesterday my doctor told me, “You are such a good boy mom. I can’t imagine you as anything else!”

I’m sorry, was it when two of my boys were literally jumping over and under the acupuncture table chasing each other? Or when she was asking them about their poop, and they erupted into a continuous bout of laughter and saying the word poop?

But you know what, it was then. I rolled with it. I told them to be respectful and squeezed their arm a little (maybe a lot) to show I meant business. And I laughed a little with them too.  I can do this boy thing, and do it quite well if I must say.

Dr. Miravone’s words sealed something up in my heart. Several years ago now, God did do a lot in my heart about the path my life has taken. I haven’t thought about it much since then, but recently it has come back up for me a little bit. The thought that I have lost at some game. That I am missing something because I don’t have a daughter too. The world is so good at making you feel like you come up short in anything and everything.

Like one of my favorite bands, Gungor, says: “All is beautiful. I can see the grace in it all.” Last night I had dinner with a new friend, with whom on paper we look completely different. One of us has kids, one doesn’t. One has a high power career, one doesn’t. But you know what is the same? Our souls that crave connection and crave being loved and celebrated. All is beautiful. The single. The married. The parents. The gay. The straight. The one gender families. The mixed gender families. The Muslim. The Buddhist. The Christian.

I think the world is magical. I appreciate science and facts, but magic and feelings trump that for me.  Which is why my husband and I are such a good balance- he is very sciency and show-me-the-study-behind-this-ish. Which I think both are important. But I think you need to find your inner magic at times.

I think the people that I am surrounded by are beautiful. And I embrace our differences, in fact, I’m learning how needed our differences are! It is a beautiful painting of masterpieces, each bringing their own special magic to the world. My story is special. My emotional-boy mom-magical-balance me out husband- save all the animals and trees-story. And it is beautiful. I see the grace in it all.

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