This morning I held my hair in my hands and thought about all that it means to me. If I’m being brutally honest, so much of my outward beauty identity is held in my makeup and my hair.  If I am not having a good hair or makeup day it effects my whole demeanor.  Shallow? Maybe. But it’s true.

Then I kept thinking: what if I didn’t have hair? What if I didn’t have hair AND my body was being ravished by illness? What if I didn’t have hair AND my body was fighting with everything it had AND I didn’t know if that day would be my last?

As I held my hair I decided I was going to give it away. I’ve grown so much this past year emotionally and spiritually. I want to give more of myself away and continue in this new found freedom! If my hair is one more thing I’m clinging on to, then why not give it away? Why not break out of more of the chains that hold me?

I heard a teacher say recently, “Joy can only be sustained by consciously  giving it away.” Like smiling at the cashier. Or helping a harried mother load her cart full of groceries in the car. Or giving away your hair.

I prayed over my 8 inches of hair. To you who may get my hair: may you know I am with you and I am for you; I believe we are connected by Divine DNA and now by hair too.  May you know that the universe was made for you and you are extravagantly loved by an intimate God. I stand with you through this battle your body is fighting, and you are not alone.

Love wins.

IMG_8243 IMG_8244

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  1. Jenni, not only is the joy that you so freely give out beautiful, but you my dear, are beautiful too. I am so lucky to have a friend with a heart as overflowing as yours <3

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