merry christmas from our family to yours

christmascard14our top ten {+5} :: 2014

simon is a preschooler. #failingnaptime

made the 20 hour road trip to Austin to visit family and overindulged at all the best local breweries and eateries. #fatfamiliesarehappyfamilies

elliott became a lego lover. #masterbuilder

michael became a home brewer. several ales were born, including a spiced holiday ale named “war on christmas”, a rye ipa, and a vanilla milk stout. #beerisproofthatgodlovesus

jenni enthusiastically entered her 30’s and became the proud coordinator of the freeman elementary pta room parents. #phonecallsarefunphonecallsarefunphonecallsarefunphonecallsarefunphonecallsarefun

trevor & elliott pledged to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. #cubscoutspackthreetwelve

trevor became the next Tolkien. #apixelmonjourneybegins

michael & jenni celebrated ten years of marital bliss.  #iphonesixisaluminum

simon is knowledgeable on all things batman thanks to HobbyDad/HobbyKids. #adultsopeningchildrenstoysonyoutubeisathing

michael finally finished his student career. #alotofpeoplegotoschoolforsevenyears

jenni is conquering her anxiety head on #therapymedicationandessentialoils

we love family video game time sweating it out in Just Dance or exploring mods in Minecraft as QueenBee (jenni), TheDeadlyKiller (trevor), SmellyWhat (elliott), ISmellLikePoo (simon), and TurdFurgeson (michael). #stinkyscreennames

jenni became a reader, runner, public speaker, and tattoo enthusiast all in one summer. #whoknew

we discovered a deep love for playing laser tag as a family.  #simonthesilentassassin

Our prayer for this year: Help us to love without agenda. If our brother or sister are not free, than we are not free. If our neighbor is not free, then we are not free. We have been loved extravagantly, so let us live and love with an extravagant love!
“Where there are steep valleys, treacherous descents, raise the highway; lift it up; bring down the dizzying heights. Fill in the potholes and gullies, the rough places. Iron out the shoulders flat and wide. The Lord will be, really be, among us. The radiant glory of the Lord will be revealed.”  Isaiah 40:3-5
May God continue to raise up our valleys and level out our rough ground in 2015.

Dedicated to Grandpa Al :: 1935-2014

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