The Great Scott Hodge says: “Change of Pace + Change of Place= Change of Perspective.”

I have to agree.

Recently I was gifted a [rare] day of relaxation-at the spa-with no children. :)  I was so excited for the time of pampering, but if I’m going to be honest, most of all a day free from whining, tattle telling, and baby butt wiping.  I arrived at the spa the minute it opened and stayed to closing.  I brought my journal and Bible and was eager to soak up some time alone and time with God.  I climbed into the pool and stared up at the sky and something unfamiliar happened- it was still and quiet. It felt odd!

This is what I journaled:   “I’m sitting here in the pool- there is no splashing, no whining- no one needing my help… This is how it will be 20 years from now…to forever.   Don’t wish these hard stages away.  They are temporary.”  I sat and pondered that for a while.  So often (very often) I rush through the day just to check things off my list.  How often do I talk with my children, not just talk at them?  How often do I think “if only they were a few years older, then ____ would be so much easier”….(hello grocery shopping and fine dining!)

It was convicting.  I was so thankful for my time away to be rejuvenated, but God helped me appreciate the chaotic little voices in my normal day to day life much more.  This stage of life is hard, and I don’t want to pretend that it is not, but I AM going to be more intentional about being present in the chaos- not five steps ahead in the future.

I kept looking at the sky at the clouds and watched them move (I HAD TIME TO WATCH THE CLOUDS MOVE- perhaps I was overly zealous with my newly found “me” time) :) and I pondered them.  And I noticed, clouds don’t just collide, they absorb each other.  So I thought about that more…How do I let God absorb me or where do I collide with Him?  How do I let Michael absorb me? My kids?  My ministry?  I wrote: “Yes, I need to replenish myself with time alone with God, food and sleep.  But other than that, I need to be willing to sacrifice myself wherever there is a selfish desire- I need to give myself away. ”

I still am going to seek time away from Michael and my children, still going to watch Netflix at night and still share with my girlfriends how the mundane wife/mother duties make me want to punch someone at times.  But, this cherished time by myself gave me new perspective.  This stage is hard, but every stage is hard and every season is a new opportunity for growth and to know my God in a deeper way. I’m going to try and pay attention to the small moments each day, and be less focused on the bullet points that get me to the next milestone.

Change of Pace + Change of Place= Change of Perspective.

8 thoughts on “Clouds”

  1. Jenni,

    I love your writing. I find it simply amazing that through the years and very different life paths I see so much of myself in you and in what you blog. Our pastor here in DC is friends with Pastor Scott Hodge, and he too says Change of Pace+Change of Place=Change of Perspective. These words are so true and have time and time again forced me to step back and refocus my life.

    I am so happy for you that you got some time away, as I did this past weekend with my girlfriends at a Spa. And it always amazes my how I miss my littles when I am away from them, even just over night. Still, I savor the quiet and relaxation and I too am reminded not to wish these days away. I heard recently that for a young mom the days drag on, but the years fly by. Its so true.

    God Bless Jenni, and thank you for saying so eloquently what I too am often thinking!

  2. Dear Jennifer Joy…
    You always give us such wise and honest perspective.
    I especially love the “I AM going to be more intentional in the present instead of five steps into the future.” wow! I desire that too! And the “how often do I speak with my children instead of at them?” umm. Definitely perspective. Thought provoking. Soul inspiring. I desire the same perspective in those moments. I love you beautiful daughter!

  3. soooo rich, my friend!! i will have plenty of opportunity to observe clouds here in seattle…now i have a new and precious way to think about them! i love you, friend!

  4. Thank you for sharing your observations, it makes my day richer and deeper, and more captivating, even the hard things! Hugs and happy re-entry nk

  5. Honey my response says Julie B :) :) above…is this the blog you wondered if I saw? I LOVE the way the Lord expresses your heart in words. I LOVE YOU!!! :)

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