Another year

Thanks to our friend Pamm Taylor, we had Trevor’s hands and feet casted when he was three months old.  We found them in one of our “memory” bins and all loved comparing the hand sizes.  I couldn’t help but shed a little tear!

Then I stumbled across this little gem in Trevor’s school journal from Kindergarten.  What a privilege it is to be these three boys’ mother, and I am thankful for the treasured relationship with each.  (I’m praying we are always close friends…I promise often that I will be a rockin’ mother-in-law to their wives!! :) )

Another August, another year of school.  This year we sent TWO off to school!

Our star first grader!

Our super preschooler!

Someone once said to me, “The hours seem so long, but the years go so fast”, and I couldn’t agree more.  Mothering my three boys has been the most challenging, rewarding, draining, amazing, frustrating, heart filling job God has given me.  It daily brings me back to my knees realizing I can only do it through God’s enabling (and my husband’s support).  The minutes of the day at this season of life may be exhausting most days, but I strive to do it with joy and humility because before I know it, they will be gone.


2 thoughts on “Another year”

  1. Hi Jenni!

    Your blogs always fill my heart with joy as I see the love and tenderness of Jesus in your words. You are a wonderful, Godly mother to your 3 sons. I know God has blessed you and Michael with your 3 boys but He has greatly blessed your 3 boys with you and Michael, parents who love them and take seriously the challenge of raising them in the grace and admonition of the Lord. Dr. Chuck and I both say, “Don’t quit!!” You are doing a great job and you couldn’t be doing anything more important than being “Jesus with skin on” to your delightful trio!

    Much Love,

    Nana Nu

  2. Sweet Sweet Seasons,

    Dear Jenni,
    How my heart resonates with your words and thoughts! I have loved traveling your journey with you. We are so blessed by your sharing—I know your amazing boys will grow to be amazing men–who will guide their families faithfully. I am loving my “sons” who are part of our familiy because they are husbands to our daughters. I am thankful they are willing to fold us into their lives and they are amazing–our two grandsons are growing up tooo fast—and that means I am getting older too—but I thank God for each day we share. Your family is a huge part of our love bundle and I thank God for each of you, norma

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