My best talks with God and life ponderings happen while I’m driving in the car. Maybe its because I’m buckled in, body and mind, and can’t go anywhere.  Or maybe because it kind of is like life is passing you by when you drive: you’re sitting still, your car is moving, and things quickly pass by your window- there one second, gone the next.  Whatever it is, I really do think deeply and feel intensely while sitting in my orange mini van chauffeuring my children through their childhood.

I got this text from Michael this morning, “I’m listening to Concrete Girl and remembering our young love”  and as I drove around this afternoon, I let my mind go deeper.

I remember being young and  so in love when we were just 16.  We were sure we’d get married (WE thought we were ready that following summer :) ) and we would write notes to each other in our little “Black Notebook” that we passed back and forth about our future family and all our hopes and dreams that we were bound to experience together.  We went to homecomings and proms, said goodbye at our separate colleges, and really did a majority of our growing up together.

Now here we are 12 years later.  How rare is it that all those things in the little black notebook did come true? (With lots of bumps and bruises along the way, however.) I mean, do I really, I mean really think about that?  When I ho and hum about my daily life of mundane responsibilities that seem never ending?  Do I absorb the idea that I’m raising his children, driving his orange mini van, and being called his wife from now until forever?  That I’m living the dreams from the little black notebook?

So, I am thankful.  I’m thankful to God for bringing about our relationship in His timetable and His plan.  I’m more in love with Michael now then at age 16, and I’m going to push aside the weariness of this season of life and choose joy in my parenting and in my wife-ing.

Thank you Concrete Girl and Little Black Notebook for reminding me that I am my beloved’s and he is mine!

4 thoughts on “Reminiscing”

  1. I love how it’s the little moments that take you back. It seems like yesterday that I was praying that it be God’s will that I could some day be Mike’s wife. And now here we are. How lucky are we when our will mirrors that of God? :)

  2. THIS MADE MY DAY!!! Beautiful. Your words cast light on my heart for your dad. We love you and Michael with all our hearts. Forever, mom

  3. Jenni, I love all of your blogs but this one is my personal favorite from this series. Of course i love the pictures, the fun, the joy of family but maybe because my beloved is now with Jesus I treasure even more the love between husband and wife. You are blessed. Michael is blessed. Trevor, Elliott and Simon are blessed!

    May God fill your family with His presence and power to be a witness of the love and unity of Christ as your family, neighbors and communities watch you love one another!!

    Much love,
    Nana Nu

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