Found this one day attached to one of my cabinets.  I love having child that can read- it adds even more fun to the day!  “Mom, that says Emergency Exit…DON’T GO THAT WAY MOM!”  “New. Markdowns. Everyday.  Mom, that says New Markdowns Everyday.”  I will never miss a sign again now that I have another set of eyes watching out for me. :)  Oh, and I’ll know of a Restaurant in my living room that serves Salad, Potatoes, Pizza, and Side One is Beans and Potato Salad.

I love listening to them talk.  Here are some of my favorites lately that keep my day always exciting:

“When there’s no one to itch my back, I just itch it on a tree or something.”

“I have two friends inside my head that I talk to all the time.  I don’t know their names though.” (Then the next child in response to that) “…yeah, I talk to the tooth fairy.”

“Mom, she’s soooo pretty.  I just want to kiss her face.”

Uh Oh.


3 thoughts on “Quotables”

  1. Oh my gosh, your boys are SO cute! I particularly love that Trevor spells it “btado.” I betcha he says it that way too. :) Precious!

  2. This is too great for words! I am completely laughing out loud!! I LOVE these boys. And I love that you have an ear and heart and eyes to ENJOY THE PROCESS and enjoy every little detail that makes each one so sweet and unique, Jen. Yay God!!! Hey…Elliott could also add “yeah when I don’t find a bathroom I can just run behind Uncle James’ tree!” :)

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