Wild Things .1

I stumbled across this book and was crazy about it immediately. I mean hello, I live in the land of boys, came from the land of girls and have no idea what I’m doing. And check out the cover- it has to be good with a cover like that. So I read some reviews and bought it and three other ‘raising boys’ books.

That was a year ago.

Now here I am a year later finally picking up the book. I’ll just be honest and lay it all out there for you…I always have good intentions with books. I go on a book kick and buy several, (usually on Amazon because the super saver shipping on $25 purchase gets me every time) start to read one, then lose momentum and shelve all the rest.

I brought this book along with me to our annual trip to the Zielke cabins in Corny, and started reading it by the fire one evening. I.LOVE.IT. Right away I started spouting out quotes to Michael’s mom who was sitting by me. :)

I want to chronicle my thoughts so I can refer back to it often, hence the .1 in the post title. I might do up to .10 or I might continue in my book pattern and this will be my only post. Only time will tell. :)

But here are some of my FAVORITE things so far…

  • “All children are a divine gift.  Boys are no exception.”  (Can I get an Amen?!)
  • “Boys bear a unique image of our wild, playful, and imaginative Creator.”  (I love that illustration)
  • “How boys are nurtured directly affects who they will grow into as men.”
  • “How boys are designed often requires a different approach from what we would take with girls, if they are to find their way and mature into noble men.”
  • “Boys are (more than) a little squirrelly- but a whole lot of fun.”

So I am on my way!  All the way to chapter two!  Haha!

More thoughts later, xo


2 thoughts on “Wild Things .1”

  1. Jenni you are God’s gift to these on their way to becoming noble men. I love you, I can’t wait to buy this book and read it myself cuz I too as a Grandma am in a brand new land of fun little boys!!! You are a wonderful transparent mama and daughter. You spur me on and inspire me forth!!! Love, Mom

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