A first grading we will go

Trevor had a folder he took two and from Kindergarten every day this year that carried all his work and correspondence to/from his teacher.  We started with a shiny bright folder.

This is what he brought home his last day.


I had a little laugh when I saw this.  But as I continued to work through the pile of school paraphernalia, I came across this:

And my heart had a little tug on it.  Remember this post?  My initial thought was, uh oh.  But then as I kept staring at the title of the folder, a flood of memories of this past year came rushing over me.  I thought of how God has strengthened Trevor to be bold and independent and truly flourish in school.  I remembered one time when I was helping in his classroom, I watched Trevor as a quick, confident, funny little boy interacting with his teacher and peers and I thought, “Wow, this is my son!”  I was in awe of how God has really blossomed him and carried him through his first year of school.  Sure, Michael and I encourage him at home, but who he was when I was watching him in class that day was all God.

It wasn’t until I looked at this yellow pocket folder until I put that all together.  A reminder from God that He alone carries Trevor, He is with Trevor, and He already knows what is ahead for Trevor.

So to first grade we go.

4 thoughts on “A first grading we will go”

  1. Oh my. Be still my heart. I love you Jesus! I love you Trevor! I love you mommy/daughter!!! xoxo

  2. Gods great grace in our lives DOES leave us breathless! As you treasure each hour/day/milestone, the years melt away and the praise for ALL Jesus has done remains to give us strength as our children/grandchildren grow up—more precious than words can express! Thanks for sharing! nk

  3. Love this Jen! God is so good and travels with our children everywhere they go and in each situation they are in.. I’ve definetely seen this with my own, especially Andrew as he heads to 8th grade.. it seems like yesterday that he was off to 1st grade!!! We are excited for Trevor and what God is going to do in his life!
    love you!

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