Dr. Chuck

I’ve prepped myself for days to write this post, and fresh with tears still I sit here at a loss for words.

Chuck and Linda Musfeldt came into my life over 10 years ago, and soon became affectionately known as “Dr. Chuck and Nana Nu”.  The first time I met Dr. Chuck was when I was a member of the BSF Senior High class in Lombard.  Whenever I would walk by and say, “Hi, Dr. Chuck! How are you?”  he would always reply with a huge, gentle smile, “Like a million, great to be alive!”  I would giggle and keep walking to my class.

Shortly after my family moved to Texas for my dad’s job, the Musfeldts followed when God called Dr. Chuck to BSF headquarters as well.  It is then that God blossomed our friendship into the deep-heartstrings-connected relationship that it is today.  The Musfeldt/Birkeneder union quickly became the Musfledt/Birkeneder/Zielke/Walker/Hobbs union as God blessed our parents with descendant after descendant!  Our lives were and are forever intertwined.

Dr. Chuck lived a “larger than life” life.  He impacted SO many during his life, and will continue to do so in his death.  As proven by the over 104,000 views of the live streaming of his memorial service and over 196,000 views of it since then.  As Michael and I read through his obituary we were in awe of all he did.  He knew life was a blessing and he lived it fully!

I had the privilege of being mentored by Linda during the early years of my marriage and young motherhood.  She is an amazing, wise, God honoring woman that I have so much respect, love, and admiration for.  She lives life with such grace, elegance, and humility.  As is obvious with her response since Chuck’s death.  She is the perfect helpmate to Dr. Chuck.  I will be blessed if I can be half the wife and mother that Nana Nu is.  Linda is one of the most encouraging people in my life, always cheering me on and nudging me to be more like Christ.  I love her with all my heart.

I made this video in memory of Dr. Chuck’s life, and in honor of Nana Nu his helpmate.  It chronicles our time together, and then the time we celebrated his life and rallied together having joy in knowing that because of Christ’s perfect blood sacrifice we know with certain hope that we will spend eternity with Him.

The first song, You Are Good, has a double meaning for me.  God is SO good to me and He alone sustains me, enables me, and gives me life.  But God has used Chuck and Linda’s presence in my life and my family’s life as such blessing! I have no material thing to thank them for ALL they have done for me-spiritually, emotionally, or physically.  They are irreplaceable and I will be forever grateful for them.




10 thoughts on “Dr. Chuck”

  1. Jenni…… that was absolutely beautiful…. I am sobbing right now, thank you for honoring my mom and dad with this. Thank you for loving my dad so much. I love you!!

  2. This was absolutely the most beautiful tribute I have ever seen! Jenni, thank you for loving Chuck the way you did. I miss him terribly too…..

  3. Dear Jenni, This video captured the heart and soul of Chuck and Linda and their very great and generous love for our whole family. Dad and I have watched several times and like sweet Laura, we are both weeping. Thank you for your tender and generous expression of love. We are overwhelmed with how much each of us misses our irreplaceable friend. We love you, Mom

  4. Jen, so much joy, love, & hope radiate from this video. I’m at a loss for how best to articulate its impact on my spirit. I find myself thinking about Chuck & Linda, & I don’t even know them. But because of the “M/B union”, I kind of feel a little like I do. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

  5. Oh Jenni, I am speechless! Thank you for your love, for us and Jesus! You have a gift with these writings and videos you do. Thank you for using them to Honor our Lord and Savior! I am overwhelmed! oops, the doorbell just rang & I have to go>>> I LOVE you>

  6. Jenni, what a loving and honoring tribute to this beloved man, husband, father, friend. You did a spectacular showing; I wish everyone could see this to experience the genuineness of Christ’s love for us…you all demonstrate Him through your words and your lives. I’m thankful to know you.
    It IS well with our souls…I love you and yours much, Jenni!

  7. JENNi
    we will forever be able to rejoice even as we weep. You have blessed me and helped me cry with a smile on my face, i am holding WILLIAM, one week old today—kisses to the boys we love you norma kay

  8. This is the most beautiful tribute Jen. I, too, am sitting here crying right now. You truly captured who Dr. Chuck truly was- an amazing, kind, generous, loving, God-honoring Man who was so loved by so many. He was such a special man and you all had such a special bond together- one that will always stand and be reunited again when we see our Saviour face to face and see one another again. Please know I am praying for you DAILY and I so love you. You are an amazing woman who I am so blessed to have as a niece! I know Dr. Chuck’s legacy will live on and all of his words of encouragement and support will resound in all of us throughout our lives. Thank you for making this!!! Love u

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