Last year, our pastor Scott Hodge did a series called “Inked” at our church The Orchard.  The tagline was “life beneath the surface” and the whole series dug into deep life subjects.  Each week a new person would be profiled in a video clip, explaining their tattoo and it’s signifigance to their life.  The idea was that our lives are “tattooed” all over the place with things God has done.  There are signifigant changes and monumental moments that make a mark we won’t forget.  When we look at that moment, we think of all God has done/is doing.  The same went for these people’s tattoos- it was a reminder of a signifigant “God moment” in their life.

Tattoos are a hot topic among Christians, some think they are wrong, and I respect their view…however, I encourage you to read this article which sums up my perspective.   Tattoo and The Bible/ Sacred Ink

This past year God has brought me on such a profound heart journey.  I’m so thankful for the work He continues to do in my heart. I guess my theme for this year would be “letting go of my plan, and embracing God’s best”.  One way I’ve done this is by embracing my role as a wife and mother of three sons.  I know this is a huge responsibility, and I take it very seriously.

My friend Miranda, my Aunt Debbie, and my sister Elli, and I decided we all wanted to go together to get our tattoos.  The whole experience fills my heart with SO much joy.

#1  I was engraving my signifigant God moment on my body, to represent what God had already engraved on my heart.

#2  I spent time with (and loved) a group of people at the tattoo parlor that I’m sure the “religious” people would have avoided

#3 the artists were the nicest people ever, and loved Simon.  They said, sure bring him in!  We all have kids!

#4 even at 3 weeks old, Simon witnessed me embracing diversity and loving as Jesus does.

See how I'm gripping my finger so hurt just a bit :)
Simon was totally alert the whole time. My Aunt Debbie said, "He's found his calling!" haha!
Michael Trevor Elliott Simon, "MTES" engraved on my heart, soul, mind, AND body

4 thoughts on “Inked”

  1. amazing pictures I am a grandma who has no clue about your experience! So thankful you were together to share your experience–miss all of you!

  2. Love you Jen! So happy we did this together:) My favorite picture is Deb with her thumbs up hahaha

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