So blessed

My sister in law Emily hosted a sweet little party for Peanut Wilkie Zielke and me with my close friends.  It was such a great time! There was lots of laughter and love there- I’m so thankful for all these women!  We’ve been through so much together- in some cases our entire lives (Stacy!) and I loved celebrating the next milestone with them.  (We missed you though Sarah, Michelle, Katie, Jessica, and Lisa!)

Emily had everyone write what they like about me as a mom, and then passed them out randomly and I had to guess who wrote what- it was so much fun and I was so blessed!  I will cherish those little blue cards for years to come!! :)

Emily had everything so cute- even peanuts as vase fillers in honor of Peanut Wilkie Zielke, she’s so creative! And I’m posting a lot of pictures because my friends LOVED her house and decorations- they want to copy it, haha!  So here you go! :)

Thank you Emily, I’m so blessed to have you as a sister!!

hahaha Stace :) She's posing so we can get the background decorations...

with Stacy, Lisa, and Laura

this interior design was a hit :)
sweet little Mae!

peanuts :)
so creative! christmas ornaments to display placecards...
Abbi, sweet Sawyer, MaryBeth, and Erin
Emily and Annette
Stacy and Lisa again :)

4 thoughts on “So blessed”

  1. Emily’s house does look great! I’m so glad she did that for you & I was sad I missed it. We miss you & can’t wait to see Peanut!

  2. Emily’s and Brian’s house is beautiful. But Jen — you, your smile and your belly are even more beautiful. No bias here. Just radiant in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ surrounding you!!! Love you!! Mom

  3. Dear Jenni,

    You look great and soooo blessed! Soon you will all meet “peanut” and welcome him into the world of Zielke Hut!” Looking forward to seeing the 5 of you at the wedding. love Norma

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