Sweet Pea is Three!

We did a joint birthday party at a bounce place for the boys’ birthdays. ┬áBest idea ever! :)

Tonight marks the eve of Elliott’s birthday. Three years ago tomorrow our second little love joined our lives! We have been so blessed with Elliott and for him we are incredibly thankful!

I can’t believe it but I actually have a video montage made for him BEFORE his birthday. I shocked myself! :)

I chose this song because I love it and know God makes all things new.  But I also chose this song because I feel like He has especially been making me new and using my children as tools in His craftsmanship.

Instead of worrying so much about what current quadruple digit size I fit into, I look at my silver stretch marks as battle scars on a body that grew and gave my children life. Rather then sleeping in (what’s that?) I wake 300 times a night if needed to each child’s squeal or cry. I know with out a doubt I would give my life for my children.

My heart physically aches when their hearts are broken. They humble me because I DON’T know it all. They inspire me when I feel like giving up. I am filled with indescribable joy when they ask me questions about God or hear them talk to Jesus.

Through them God is shaping me and making me patient, kind, selfless, humble, and hopeful. He is making me new!

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12 thoughts on “Sweet Pea is Three!”

  1. I know I say this every second of every day but I really really do have the cutest nephews ever!!!! I am so blessed to have ya’ll as family, Zielkes! Love you :)

  2. Hi Jeni!

    I love it!!

    This is a beautiful celebration of Elliott’s life as well as the work of transformation God is doing in you(and in your boys)!! I loved the parts of the video at the lake with Michael and Elliott together!!

    I am excited to see you this week!!

    Much love,

  3. What an awesome video Jen! It’s so fun to see them grow in so many ways in just a year! Happy birthday to Elliott!


  4. Wow – Jen! You are an amazing videographer…showcasing your children’s lives….they are going to love having these when they get older!!!

  5. Elliott Job Zielke!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this video Jen…and it is amazing how much the Lord STILL uses our children (and grandchildren) to humble, transform, refine us. He is a very loving, all-wise, wonderful Holy Father! We love you!! Mom and Dad
    P.S. We love Elliott and Michael on the lake, too! :)

  6. Oh Jenni! Sweet, sweet, sweet! It makes me want to cry! Peanut is so blessed to have you as his family!

  7. Jen,
    This is so precious of Elliott!! Thanks for sharing your creative skills and inspiring thoughts. By the way, is it just me, or does Elliott remind you of Elli, too. Oh my! I just kept seeing flashes of Elli when I was watching Elliott. :-) I LOVE it!

  8. Jenni,

    I seriously was fighting the tears after reading this and watching your “Elliott Montage”. I love your little men. They are so precious… and Elliott, his loving life attitude reminds me that sometimes silently watching life unfold is the most wonderful treasure that’s given to us. And you, Jen, are beautiful inside and out. Your life, your heart, your passion for your men, and your undying love four the Lord truly radiates through your every being. You are a wonderful mom, and your outlook on life is challenging me and preparing me for someday when I have the privilege to call myself a mom.

    I love you and can’t wait until your next blog!!

    Give my love and hugs to the man and 3 “little men” in your life!


  9. Jenni –
    I seriously think I start crying everytime I read one of your posts! I think I just really empathize with you as a fellow young mom. Anyways, hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration with Elliott and congratulations on baby boy #3! You are so blessed! :)

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