2 thoughts on “Belly”

  1. Jenni,

    Hi! I found your blog via facebook and have enjoyed catching up on all your life’s happenings. Congratulations on baby #3! I know that we only knew eachother briefly in BSF but being in your presence always brought me joy. Please tell your mother hello from me.

    Sarah Morlandt

  2. Woo Hoo!!! LOVE these photos, you look so pretty, Jen. Radiant, from the inside out. Sarah Morlandt, I love you and say hello back!!! Nancye Drukker and I serve on an area team together now and Terry Witte is TL of yours and my former class. You may know this but knew it would bless you if you don’t. We love you and miss you, sister. Hugs and kisses from Jesus and from us. xoxo (P. S. Being in your presence always brought me joy.)

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