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One of my dear friends, Erika, and I keep in touch via our blogs, email, and of course social media.  She and I met 5 years ago in TX at our little MOPS table while I was bouncing a 4 week old baby boy on my lap, and she was rubbing her 9 month pregnant belly with her precious daughter inside.  Our friendship has grown ever since.  We’ve gone through motherhood together, whether it be long distance or not, Erika has strengthened me and encouraged me in my faith.  She is an amazing woman, and I’m incredibly thankful for her and her precious family!

Erika and Jason have been on an incredible journey this year, and they just brought home their newest daughter, Eve Ji Lu, from China!  She joined her older sister Ava and older brother Sutton at home just this past week.  They have such an amazing family story!  Erika shared this video of their family growth on her blog, and when I watched it tears poured all over my laptop!  I asked her if I could share it with you, and she said of course, if it stirs another heart to adopt one of these precious children!  I’m ready to fly to China and bring home 10 children with me.  Pray for Michael. :)  I hope you’ll be encouraged by this video.  I LOVE watching Eve’s joy come into bloom even after a few short days with Erika and her family.  I’m so blessed by them and I hope you will be too!

**I love these songs towards the end of the video.  They are 4 songs by Mandi Mapes (Church at Brookhills) of a series called Love Story.  I bought them on iTunes…you should check them out!    Erika said if you click on the link below, you can watch the story online.   The story and songs start at about the 2 minute mark (it starts with a monologue by “Ruth” so watch for that as your cue). http://www.brookhills.org/media/series/story-of-love/

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2 thoughts on “Eve Ji Lu”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful…God’s wonderful work in a display of love. Congratulations to Erika and Jason and their new perfect family!

  2. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Christ’s love and glory poured out. God bless Erika, Jason, Eve and family. So lovely. LOVED the Body of Christ at the airport. xoxo Thank you for sharing Jenni! Praying with you. xox

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