And so we took our annual trip up to the Zielke cabins in northern Wisconsin.

Both boys tubed, and really loved the water.  They have been asking for days to go back to Corny.  The night we left Trevor said, “I want to live in Corny forever with Grandpa!” and prayed that night that we wouldn’t have to leave and God would make us forget in the morning that we were supposed to leave.  :)

Michael really did everything on this vacation.  He swam with the boys, got up with the boys, put the boys to bed, bathed the boys, everything.  He really is the greatest dad I could have for my children!

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4 thoughts on “Corny”

  1. This is FANTASTIC!!!! I love our lake loving grandsons!!Much love to Norm, Elaine and all the Zielkes! What great times and memories! And Michael — thanks for taking such great care of Jen! xox

  2. I love it! What wonderful memories…with more to come! I think Michael had even more fun than Trevor and Elliott!

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