6 thoughts on “Finally, Elliott’s 2 year old video :)”

  1. We love you Elliott Job!!! You are a very great joy and blessing to each one of us! And a beautiful creation from the hand of our Loving God!!
    Grandma Julie and Grandpa Bob

  2. love the video :) Elliott you are one adorable nephew :) Jen, what’s the name of that second song? i love it!!

  3. LOVE IT!! Elliott and Trevor are seriously the cutest and sweetest kids on the planet… and coming from me that is HUGE!!! I can not wait to come up and see you all soon!!!! Love you all!

    PS christina isn’t lying when she says she loves that song… she listens to it 24/7

  4. Jen! Love all the new pics! Looks like so much fun and your family is just ADORABLE! Miss you guys, get together asap! ….and, I am planning a TWILIGHT extravaganza! It may just be you, me and Erin….but it’ll be great!

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