My sweet baby *sniff *sniff

is turning one!


And ya'll are invited! (I love my faithful bloggers!)

But here is the sneaky part…you have to login to my phanfare media group ( to see the back of this invitation containing the details of the party!  That way we won't have just any old joe (and we know how we feel about joe's, right Dad and Elli?!) coming to our home for Elliott's party.  Also, then I can see the names of people who may be coming.  (Please do R.S.V.P. though!)

 The other reason I posted his invitation on Zielkehut was to showcase my sister in law's amazing work.  I know I've said this 100 times, but you really must contact her with all your card/invitation/whatever needs.  She can do anything and everything you can imagine and I've loved all the cards she has made for me. Email her! (Christmas card season is right around the corner!)

[email protected]

One thought on “My sweet baby *sniff *sniff”

  1. Where does the time go, Jenni? I can’t believe he’s one and Benji will soon be two! We’ve been watching our baby vids of Benji and starting to have those baby longings again…. =) I’ll let you know if anything comes of it.

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