Security Alert! Security Alert!

You might have noticed you have to sign in with an email address to our pictures and videos now. (Well, I at least attempted to set this up…I think I might have messed with it so many times that I screwed it all up!)

But anyways, while I have protected our site by not allowing it to be searchable (you have to know the address to find it), I have decided to still post general pictures, but our more intimate pictures (ex: pictures of the layout of our house, etc.) and all videos will be on Phanfare.  So, Join My Phanfare Group: Zielkehut Media!  This way our friends and family can still view our media, but I will be able to monitor who is let in!

After all of this explanation, what I tried to set up might not even have worked, but at least I tried.  Thank you for understanding! 

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